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Operational Elements

While creating a portfolio there working zipcodes are also added from the list available of zipcodes, which also includes adding segments for the portfolio which creates a automatic chain from the Portfolio->Zipcodes->Segments. So in order to create this chain the Teams and Segements are added. The added segments will be inluded and shown in the list while creating portfolio which makes easier to select one and create chain. Segments can be multiple for the portfolio.

Teams are selected while creating a Feieldcollector's allocation parameter, in the same allocation parameter multiple segments can also be added which makes use of segemnts in 2 different ways first one was for while creating portfolio and second one is for while creating allocation paramater.

Documentation Images

  • Images Adding Team

    Adding Team

  • Images Team Lisiting

    Team Lisiting

  • Images Adding Segment

    Adding Segment

  • Images Segment Lisitng

    Segment Lisitng

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    Getting real-time agency bucket wise resolution status is just a click away.

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    Packed with features. Automate from getting trails to claim paid / Reconciliation.

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    Easily integrate with IP pbx and call your customers right from CAMS with a click.

  • Forecast & Track Easily

    Forecasting monthly target as per the buckets or portfolio is easy to manage and track.

  • No Excel Skills Needed

    Complete user friendly UI and seriously no excel training needed to your people.

  • Unique Allocation Access

    Security and control features as per user and portfolio levels to ensure proper allocation.

  • Click 2 Dial

    Dial right from the CAMS screen, converting the time lost in manual dials and misdials.

  • Field Live Tracker

    Field collector tracking / allocation & visit feedback from mobile application for faster results.

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