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Collbox Features

Area / Pin code / bucket wise allocation in 5 mins

A single platform to manage all your collection activities, generate MIS , track PTP stock & negative codes, manage customers follow up and much more....

Re Allocate/Delete multiple cases with clicks

You can reassign/delete loan accounts from portfolio / buckets to maintain your ECR/ACR or advised by bankers time to time with ease.

Multiple portfolios can be uploaded to use different or common resources, you can easily allocate pin codes/area as per the portfolio too and work jurisdiction and that can be followed by tele follow up/trails to collection from a single software.

Role Based Data Access

Users will have access to data as per the assigned ECR/ACR only, they cant work/interrupt on others cases unless and until it's assigned to them.

In such event your data will be well organized & approach will be resolution centric to achieve the regular model of your business.

Making is easy for Feildcollector to reach out for their allocations

Collbox create way too easy to collect all the allocation information for a specific Field collector and also makes it easy for Field collectors to get their hands on their allocations.

Creating Liner Print

We have a created report for Field collector which is having one page liner reports, where all the allocations for every Field collector can be easily gathered. With Collbox it becomes easier for Field collector to get their hands on allocations and start reaching out to their customers. We have also managed to show the allocation liner details on app version too for the Field collector.

For Tellecallers, to get the liner records of the Field collector working under them a Liner print report is created which consists of-:

  • Wide filter options.
  • Normal view with maximum loan details.
  • Export to Excel.
Details In Liner Print

Details visible to the users in the Reports exported and in the app version have maximum information which Field collectors should be needing. These Liner prints will help the Field collector to reach out for the customer for creating their approach and make the collections from the customers.

Creating and Managing the system and App generated trail records.

A combine stage to collect all the generated trails and grouping them in serialized way to give a clear overview in form of reports and case history....

Creating Trails

Regular trails dispositions in fast and lightning speed to keep up the work speed, without any breakdown. A managed history of the created trails grouping according to the different records. Common platform to manage the system trail creations and app trail creations with common sources and overview. Real time and Live payment collection alert to Telecallers from their working Field collectors.

Managing Reports

Automatic Creation of the several bulk trail reports to calculate the productivity and the efficiency. Reports like-:

  • Trail Report.
  • Collection Report.
  • Feedback Report.
  • Claim Paid Reports.
  • Intensity Reports.

Automatic and manually loan dispositions

Making it easy to create bulk dispositions and single disposition using different sources like uploading excel or manually inserting disposition details....

Creating disposition Manually

A friendly software environment to created dispositions manually with complete overview of the loan details on the same page and also provides the case history for all the dispositions created with an editable disposition functionality.

Software that provide recon disposition along with the Telecaller's and Field collector's dispositions.

Creating Bulk disposition Automatically

Software that provide both automated loan dispositions and manually dispositions with an editable disposition functionality. Bulk disposition can be created easily in single submission.

Creating bulk dispositions for the NCT, NR, CR records in random interval.

Professionaly controlled PTP and PTPDT procedure for the users including the reminders.

Managing PTP and PTPDT records for the working users on the system, and setting reminders by checking records on daily basis....

Creating and managing PTP and PTPDT records

After disposing trail as PTP (Promise To Pay) and by selecting the future PTP date while creating trail system punches the records for that PTP date and set the reminders according to all available PTP records according to the logged in users. A notification popups on the respective PTP date which reminds the Telecaller that this user has promised for the payment on the day.

PTP breakdown and all notifications

PTP breakdown tracks all the PTP and PTPDT records whose date has been passed but still running on the FLOW cases. These records are managed on the dashboard as an overview of total month's breakdown.

Payment posting and managemnt

This software manages the payments whether it is PAID collection received by the Field collector or ONLINE PAID collection received by Telecaller through call, all such payments are managed together.

Payment Creation

Easy payment posting procedure posted which runs along with making the trail disposition for the payment collected. Procedure is to just select the type of payment whether it is in cash or it is in Cheque/DD/Online Transaction etc. and then selecting the respective code for the disposition selecting from ONLINE PAID or PAID.

Payment posting is done by both Telecallers and Field collectors from system and from use of app. System sets the notification on the Telecaller screen if the payment has been collected by his on field working Field collector.Payment is managed by the recon users by creating the schedules for respective collections made.

Managing Payment Reports

Payments reports are generated after final approval from Telecaller and Recon user. Payment reports are managed in below reports.

  • Claim Paid Report.
  • Collection Report.

Live tracking system to trasck the Feildcollector's location on daily basis...

Accurate and pin pointed location tracker for getting the daily report of all the on Field collectors including their visits details and traveling distance details....

Live Tracker Essentials

A professionally developed app for only Field collectors which support logins of all valid and available Field collectors. This helps in tracking the every minute location of Field collectors once they marked their attendance for the day. Marking attendance is important as it will make their days working status as Working

Once Field collectors has marked their attendance for the day then their current location will be visible will be marked on Map on My team page of CAMS tracker and from their minute to minute tracking of every such users can be seen. On detail page of the Field collectors additional feature like:

  • Productivity.
  • Visit Count.
  • Hours Worked.
  • KM'S Traveled.
  • PTP and PTPDT count
  • Additional information related to their phones.

As an additional add on to the above feature, timeline is also managed for every Field collector which includes all the information and actions performed by them since they are logged in. Few main including features such as-:

  • Attendance punch in time and punch out time.
  • Every visit details done.
  • Collection details.
Creating Reports

Automatic Visit report are managed to see the productivity and monthly performance of every Field collectors.

Detailed Users Performance Summary

Performance summary layout of the Complete records featuring the products and element and for every particular user including Supervisor, Team leader, Telecaller and Field collector.

Products and Element Summary

Performance summary of the entire available records with the products and their elements can be seen from dashboard with these features-:

  • Code Trend Matrix- All the cases on which there debt recovery is little tough.
  • Case Status Matrix- All the FLOW , RESOLVED , ROLLBACK cases from the total available records.
  • Risk Bank Matrix- All the risk band categories from available records.
  • Status Matrix- All the POS collected from FLOW , RESOLVED , ROLLBACK cases from the total available records.

All the available matrix on the dashboard consist of the filter bu risk class

Users allocation summary

Users allocation summary can be seen from various PBR Summary reports which includes everyone's pending and done allocated loan details, calculates their case with FLOW , RESOLVED , ROLLBACK cases with the payment collection done by each of them or people working under them. PBR Summary reports are-:

  • Resolution Matrix- All the details regarding FLOW , RESOLVED , ROLLBACK cases from the total available records.
  • RTSB Summary- Summary of uses who have completed the target in present month and who's target is still not achieved.
  • Payment Trend Matrix- Payment collections details throughout the month with the day wise collection details.
  • Code Trend Matrix- Telecaller's dispositions code.
  • Code Break Matrix- Records with PTP and PTPDT dispositions dn their payment status.

Creating recon schedule of all the collections

Creating the schedule by the Recon users for all the Loan Reconciliation available.

Creating Schedule

Recon schedule is created on daily basis which is managed by the recon users only. Recon gets the report of all the collection received recently and make the schedule accordingly. Creating Loan Reconciliation also helps to know the everyday collection received by the complete team whether they are paid in cash or through other sources. Creating schedule contains below-:

  • Total loan count included in schedule.
  • Sub total of the schedule.
  • Schedule payment type.
  • Other Schedule essentials.
Creating Recon Dispositions

Once schedule is created for the loan numbers then a final dispositions should be made in order to give final approval on their payment. It minimize the risk of false payment collection details as every included loan details are manually checked by the recon user.

Recon dispositions includes the amount details and the payment sources details, once recon schedule is created and the dispositions are created then the Telecaller gets the notification so that they can change the status of the loan detail to following-:

  • FLOW
Summarized report

Recon reports are also created of all the approved Loan Reconciliation.This recon report features-:

  • Wide variety of search options.
  • Different view format.
  • Export functionality.

Attendance marker for every available users.

Attendance marker for app users as well as for the system users.

Attendance Marker

Attendance marker functionality for marking the Attendance in order to track the appearance with auto-generated Attendance report for both app and System users.

Managing Attendance Reports

Software manages the Attendance report for you in different formats with including features like-:

  • Wide filter options.
  • Monthly and daily basis Attendance report.
  • Export to excel.

Attendance marked from the app users and system users are managed together in same report with the filtering functionality of the Attendance according users and date wise.

Notifications and Alert on receiving the payments.

COLLBOX makes it easier for you to track all the live and recent payment received by setting up Alert and notifications.

Alerts & Notifications

Live notification pops up if any on field collector mark any loan number as PAID or ONLINE PAID. This will help Telecaller to make quick actions regarding the collection received

Notifications and Alert for the days work.

To-Do list for the day for the different essentials of the system on which are important from the system point of view.

To-Do List included alerts
  • Today PTP & PTPDT- Users who have Promise To Pay today according to their recent conversation with Telecaller or Field collector.
  • Today CB- Users who have requested to call back following day according to their recent conversation with Telecaller .
  • Calls Pending- List of loan records on which Telecallers haven't called yet.
  • Visit Pending- List of loan records on which Field collector haven't visited.
  • Recon Status Pending- Records on which recon has been created but their status has not been changed yet.
  • F/C Status Pending- Records on which payment has been collected by Field collector but their status has not been changed yet.
  • Broken PTP's- List of users who's PTP date has passed.
  • Online Paid Status Pending- Records who has been marked as ONLINE PAID but their stats has not been changed yet.
  • Paid Status Pending- Records who has been marked as PAID but their stats has not been changed yet.

Chat moduel to have have quick coversations

A chat functionality to have quick conversations between all the available users including the app users.

Chat System for on Feild users

In order to make it more easy for the on Field collector to exchange any information or to get any information from the upper ground team a quick chat system is developed with live chat system. This chat system is developed so that it doesn't need the other user to be an app user, hence messages can be exchange by the app and system users both.

Chat System for all system users

Simultaneously chat module is developed for the system users too. Messages can be shared by the system users to other system users and the system users to the app users.

Live monitoring the actions of the complete team.

Live monitor is the live monitoring of all the actions performed by the complete team in the real time.Helps in checking the approach of the team towards allocations.

LIve Monitor

Live monitor updates the actions and approach of the team every single second to have the live view of the proceedings of the team.Live monitoring includes monitoring below things

  • Approach of Telecaller and Field collector.
  • Paid count.
  • Online Paid count.
  • Paid Collections.
  • Online Paid Collections.
  • RESOLVED cases count and collection amount.
  • ROLLBACK cases count and collection amount.

Live monitor also tracks the productivity and approach of the all users type. Productivity is set by the admin panel and productivity of the users are managed according to that only. Productivity for the paid and online paid records are also set along with the trail creation and visit marked records

Want to learn more?

Our Specialities

As a debt collection automation specialist, we’ve developed this software so that it meets most aspects of each debt collection agency be it small with single portfolio or a big one with multi processes .

  • A reliable software to manage all the debts related and payment management headache. We are helping hands in every field.
  • As debt collection specialists we know the requirements, so by keeping those all requirements this software is developed and will help you to manage your debts in every possible way.

Payment & Visit Feedback

To manage and create the performance summary and the monthly reports for all the work done throughout the day, several reports are designed. Main essentials to manage the performance summary and working is Payment and Visit Feedback-:

Payment Feedback- Two different report manages the payment feedback which are Collection Report and Claim Paid Report .

Visit Feedback- Visit Feedback manages the feedback for the records which has been visited by Field collectors using our App services.

Users can work on Multiple Portfolio / Buckets

Our software allows assigning multiple portfolios and buckets to the uses, which allows them to work on multiple portfolios and buckets together.

To filter the records according to different elements of the loan details, a wide variety of the filter options are provided which allows as displayed in the below screenshot. Assigning multiple portfolios increases the productivity and performances of the users.

Export / Print / Email Any Report in 1 Click

Different formatted reports are used to analyze the complete collections and feedback on the available loan records. Not only the view we provide you three way view to see any selective report which are-:

  • Export- We have provided a export functionality where a formatted excel will be downloaded on the system with the maximum and necessary details of each and every loan numbers. This export functionality is available on every report and users can download them on one click.
  • Print- Same as export functionality provided on every report a print functionality is also provided which will allow you to take print of any report.
  • Email- Any email can be emailed to any users through the mail just on one click.

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