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Seven Ways we are Different

Automating Operations

Collbox eliminates manual tasks to increase agent efficiency. Let agents focus on faster collections by getting the correct customer touchpoints.

Intelligent Outreach

Get paid faster by automating and customizing calling strategy, Don’t let anything slip through the cracks by keeping a track of important activities.

Quality Monitoring

Review agent activities to maintain quality, Capture, track, and store all interactions to monitor agents and get complete visibility for the portfolios.

Security Compliance

Ensuring Data Security and Compliance, Give role-based authorization to users like callers, supervisors, and FOS for accessing customer data.

Seamless Integration

Keep All Updated Information at Centralized Location, Ensure system compatibility through easy integration with IP PBX, SMS API, and many more.

Reports and Dashboard

Track Performance with real-Time dashboards and Drill-Down Reports, Track metrics to know your progress & see what you have achieved.

Discover, Prioritize and Recover

Beat the Collection Challenges, Maximize debt recovery by overcoming the Data, Process, and Technology challenges with Smart Reminders.

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