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  • Site walkthrough
    • Updating Elements
    • Updating the script
    • Updating the Code
    • Removing online scripts
    • Changing database engine
  • Archiev Data
    • Solved archive data bugs
    • Validating functionality
  • Liver monitor
    • Live Tracking adjustments
    • Correction in script
    • Correction in Code
    • Data Validating
  • Added New Layout
    • New Layout
    • New Formatting
  • Added Archived functionality
    • Archiving the data month wise
    • Accessing the old months data
    • Valaditing FUnctionality
  • Menu Permission
    • Setting Menu Permission Dynamically for all users
    • Setting menu visibility according to permission
    • Restricting the user interferance
  • Database & Server Optimization
    • Added Database Optimization functionality for admin
    • Added Server Optimization functionality for admin
    • Validating attandance
  • Modified the loan detail apge view and dispositions
    • Added new elements on the detail page
    • User restration on despositions
    • Valaditing Reports
  • Live notifiaction
    • Live Notification to telecaller on payment collection from collector
    • All Allocations and liner reports
    • Validating attandance
    • Adding attandance and filtering monthly attandance
    • Valaditing Reports
  • Resolved and Checked all the reports
    • All Dispositions reports
    • All Allocations adn liner reports
    • Validating attandance
    • Adding attandance and filtering monthly attandance
    • Valaditing Reports
  • Live Tracking and Monitor
    • Combine Attandance Report from Systme and App User
    • Applied Filters
    • Live working adn performance
    • Live monitoring the work
    • Valaditing Records
  • Attandance and Visit Reports
    • Combine Attandance Report from Systme and App User
    • Applied Filters
    • Visit Report for app in field collectors
    • Export functionality
  • Managing Collector's LOcation on map
    • Location Marker
    • Distance Marker
    • Punch In and Out Location
    • Working Hours
    • Chat Intraction to on field collector
  • Users intraction through chats
    • Attandance Marker
    • Location Marker
    • Chat Moduler
    • Live tarking of collector
    • Validation Records
  • Developing App Layout
    • Details According to logged in user
    • Reports View
    • Collection Despositions
    • Validation Records
  • Developed App Layout
    • Initilize the App Layout
    • User Login
    • Access Validation
  • Message Schedule
    • Resolved the bugs on message schedule functionality
    • Resolved Reminders
    • Checking Instant Message Striker
  • Voucher Functionality
    • Creating Vouchers
    • Managing Expenses
    • Managing voucher according to financial years
  • Message Schedule
    • Scheduling message to customers
    • Setting reminders
    • Instant Message Striker
    • Initilizing API
  • Dashboard Elements
    • Resolved the issues in dashboad view
    • Resolved the functioanlity issues in dashboad content
  • Dashboard View
    • Updated the elements in the dashboard for every usertype
    • Recon Dashboard view Creation
  • Vacation modules
    • Updated the Vacation Module
  • Managed the logs of users
    • Users Login details
    • Users Action Details
  • Recon List and Agency Allocation
    • Updated the Recon List FUnctionality
    • Updated the Agency Allocation FUnctionality
  • PBR Reports
    • Resolution Matrix
    • RTSB Summary
    • Payment Trend
    • Code Trend Matrix
    • Code Break Analysis
  • Payment Pickup Request
    • Addition pickup request for collector
    • Managed the Detail Page functionality
    • Managed Record Logs
  • New Design Layout setup
    • Updated the software design
    • New Login screen
    • New Table formatting screen
  • Recon Listing
    • Managing Listing
    • Managing Despositions
    • Search and other funcatioanlity
    • Recon Report
    • Excel export adn optimization
    • Managing Alternatives
  • Recon Creation
    • Managing collections
    • Createing Schedule
    • Recon Desposition
    • Updating LOan Deatil page
    • Updating Recon view in LOan Detail Page
    • Managing Alternatives
  • Speeding up reports
    • Query optimization
    • COde validation
    • Alteration
  • Creating reports
    • Stat card report
    • Claim paid Report
  • Creating reports
    • Collection report
    • Feedback Report
    • INtensity Report
  • Creating reports
    • Trail report
    • Allocation Report
    • NSA Report
    • Liner Report
    • Search functioanlity
    • Export functioanlity
  • Revisions and other small bugs
    • Software walk through
    • POinting bus possibilities
    • Solving bugs
  • Bulk NCT Records
    • Excel functioanlity
    • Auto dispositions of uploaded records
    • Background run
  • Different Search options
    • Search on evry listing pages
    • Dynamic Pagination
    • Listing Modifications
    • Creating Notifications
  • Disposition & Listing
    • Permission to different users
    • Trail Creations updates
    • Listing updates
    • Creating Notifications
  • Loan Detail Page
    • Details of loan
    • Trail Creations
    • Listing
    • Creating Notifications
  • Updated the mapping and excel uploading procedure
    • Process of mapping
    • New Layout
    • New functionality
  • Agency Allocation
    • Listing of the records according to logged in user
    • Different layout and functioanlity according to every user type
    • Managing logs
  • Record Allocation and assign
    • Updated the allocation procedure
    • Updaetd the user registartion form
    • Managing logs
  • Managing notification and alerts
    • Added notifications for all type of users
    • Added alerts for all type of users
    • Managing logs
  • Vacation module bugs
    • Solved the vacation module bugs
    • Managing loga
  • Solved bugs
    • Solved bugs in uplaoding and updating records
    • Checking the functionality
    • Managing loga
  • Uploading Bulk alternate numbers
    • Added functionality fro uploading new contact details of customer
    • Checking the functionality
    • Managing loga
  • Uploading Bulk alternate numbers
    • Added functionality fro uploading new contact details of customer
    • Checking the functionality
    • Managing loga
  • Updating Existing Records
    • Updating the uploaded loan details with new excel
    • Checking the functionality
    • Managing loga
  • Transferring and switching records
    • Manually assigning records
    • Manually switching and transferring of records
  • Resolved bugs on upload and allocation
    • Checking and allocating records again
    • Solved bugs in allocatin
  • Implementing vacation module
    • Checking the assigned user's vacations and taking action accordingly
    • Assigning records if working collector is on leave
  • Revising the new flow for the allocation according the collector and working zip area
    • Creating allocation chain for supervisor ,teamleader, telecaller and collector
    • Allocating records according to the collector limits
  • Revising the new flow for the allocation according the collector and working zip area
    • Diving all the uplaoding records into 4 parts
    • Auto-assaign & allocating Records
    • Transferring non-working zipcode into no service area
    • Transferring working zipcode into auto-assign lista dn approved list
    • Creating filters
    • Setting permission for every user
  • Uploading Loan Records
    • Selecting records according tot eh working zipcode
    • Assigning records to the Supervisor according to the portfolio Selected
    • Creating Mapping functionality
  • Assigning portfolio adn working area for the collectors
    • Selecting working area for the collectors
    • Setting up allocation limit for every collector
    • Creating chain again
  • Created Site setting funcatioanlity
    • Allowing Admin to change the logo
    • Setting Site content Dynamic
  • Creating Login Functionality
    • All user's Login functionality
    • Setting permission for ferent type of users
    • Managing Logsr
  • Updated users profile with Vacation Module
    • Added monthly leave planner
    • Updating Info
    • Managing Logs
  • Creating different type of users
    • Created Sub-Admin as Business Manager
    • Created Back Office as Back Office
    • Created Recon as Recon User
    • Created Portfolio Owner as Supervisor
    • Created Teamleader as Teamleader
    • Created Telecaller as Telecaller
    • Created FieldCollector as FieldCollector
  • Updated the portfolio allocation procedure to Supervisor and Telecaller
    • Created the Workin hain of the user from supervisor to collector
    • Assiging POrtfolio to Telecaller and Supervisors
  • Added Teams and Segemnts
    • Creating Teams for the area/zipcode
    • Segemnt name for the loan number
  • Creating Portfolio Details
    • Added zipcode to portfolio
    • Added receipt cut ration for every portfolio
  • Creating Zip and assigning area to the zip
    • Making working zipcode
    • Selecting working area to the zipcode

We were forced into changing software providers due to unforeseen circumstances and had to make a decision fast. We reviewed several options via phone calls and web demos and chose to go with Collbox. The implementations team worked with our Company to ensure Our CAMS fit our needs. They continued to work closely with us through conversion/upload of prior data and all aspects of implementation. We have found CAMS to be versatile as well as user friendly. Service is top notch and the techs are knowledgeable of the industry so they understand what you need and they get it done right the first time.Highly recommend this company

Umesh Gaikwad, Agency Owner , Shree Sai Enterprises
  • Stay Updated

    Getting real-time agency bucket wise resolution status is just a click away.

  • Simple to use

    You can get an operator started in less than four hours including your field force too

  • Limitless Features

    Packed with features. Automate from getting trails to claim paid / Reconciliation.

  • Built to customize

    Easily integrate with IP pbx and call your customers right from CAMS with a click.

  • Forecast & Track Easily

    Forecasting monthly target as per the buckets or portfolio is easy to manage and track.

  • No Excel Skills Needed

    Complete user friendly UI and seriously no excel training needed to your people.

  • Unique Allocation Access

    Security and control features as per user and portfolio levels to ensure proper allocation.

  • Click 2 Dial

    Dial right from the CAMS screen, converting the time lost in manual dials and misdials.

  • Field Live Tracker

    Field collector tracking / allocation & visit feedback from mobile application for faster results.

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